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Items from the AeB Pro Family of Software

  • AeB Central (this can be used by non-distiller users);
  • Complete support for set up the initial view of the document;
  • Extensive support for document actions: document level JS, set document actions (willSave, didSave, etc.) and open document actions;
  • Complete support for page actions;
  • Complete support for full screen mode, and all the
  • current transition effects through version 8;
  • Methods to easily attach documents;
  • document assembly methods, methods used immediately following distillation;
  • Methods for linking to attachments and launching attachments;
  • Support for creating PDF Packages;
  • Initializing fields using unicode; and
  • Basic support for layers, rollovers and animations.

The author is Donald P. Story. The package is Copyright © 2006-2018 D. P. Story.

License: lppl1.2 Version dated: 2018-02-17 Catalogued: 2018-03-03