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Sophisticated Bibliographies in LaTeX

  • Full Unicode support
  • Highly customisable sorting using the Unicode Collation Algorithm + CLDR tailoring
  • Highly customisable bibliography labels
  • Complex macro-based on-the-fly data modification without changing your data sources
  • A tool mode for transforming bibliographic data sources
  • Multiple bibliographies and lists of bibliographic information in the same document with different sorting
  • Highly customisable data source inheritance rules
  • Polyglossia and babel suppport for automatic language switching for bibliographic entries and citations
  • Automatic bibliography data recoding (UTF-8 -> latin1, LaTeX macros -> UTF-8 etc)
  • Remote data sources
  • Highly sophisticated automatic name and name list disambiguation system
  • Highly customisable data model so users can define their own bibliographic data types
  • Validation of bibliographic data against a data model
  • Subdivided and/or filtered bibligraphies, bibliographies per chapter, section etc.

See also translation-biblatex-de.

The authors are Philipp Lehman and Philip Kime. The package is Copyright © 2006-2012 Philipp Lehman, © 2012-2018 Philipp Lehman, Joseph Wright, Audrey Boruvka, Philip Kime.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 3.11 Catalogued: 2018-03-04