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A collection of LaTeX packages and classes

  • autolist, which provides various list formatting facilities;
  • biokey, which provides a mechanism for typesetting biological identification lists;
  • biolist, which typesets species lists;
  • boldline, which typesets heavier separating lines in tables;
  • cassete, which lays out audio cassette inserts;
  • classif2, which typesets classification lists;
  • drcaps, which provides dropped capital macros;
  • etiketka, a class for typesetting business-card-sized information (including business cards);
  • flower, for typesetting lists of flower formulae;
  • isyntax;
  • numerus;
  • punct;
  • sltables, which develops on the stables package, for use in a LaTeX context; and
  • starfn.

The author is Alexey Shipunov. The package is Copyright © 2010 Alexey Shipunov.

License: lppl Version: 1.1 Catalogued: 2016-06-24