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Font Packages for BaKoMa TeX

This directory contains font packages for BaKoMa TeX 4/5/6. The packages have differnet licenses that are dependent on font sources. In this reason, they are marked by different icons:
About free package which may be installed under evaluation copy of BaKoMa TeX.
About non-free package which may be installed only under registered version of BaKoMa TeX.

ModuleDateSize P/IDescription

PSFONTS2005/06/262.6/8.0 install About Collection of PostScript Type 1 fonts available on CTAN.
TX Fonts2001/01/050.9/4.0 install About TX Fonts 3.1, PX Fonts 1.0, - TeX/Math Symbols for Times, Palatino.

LMODERN2006/01/303.7/9.5 install About Latin Modern Fonts in OpenType font format.

Font ZOO2001/09/093.5/12 install About Collection of Popular MetaFont fonts in PostScript font format.
EC/TC Fonts2000/05/0410.2/30 install About TeX EC/TC fonts in ATM Compatible PostScript Type 1 font format.
LH Fonts2000/04/237.5/20 install About TeX LH fonts in ATM Compatible PostScript Type 1 font format.

CM-Super2002/01/070.7/2.2 About Wrapper for installation of CM-Super fonts.

NOTE: More fonts are available with lingual packages in Language directory.

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