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Macro Packages for BaKoMa TeX 5/6

This directory contains TeX formats/macros for BaKoMa TeX 5/6.

ModuleDateSize P/IDescription

LaTeX 2e2009/05/3011/39 install About LaTeX 2e issue 17 (2005/12/31) with useful packages.
LaTeX Doc2004/09/0313.2/40 install About Documentation for LaTeX 2e Packages.
GAMES2002/11/173.8/10 install About Packages explained in Chapters 7,8 of `LaTeX Graphics Companion'.

Another TeX Formats (other then LaTeX2e)

AmSTeX2004/03/260.22/0.7 install About AmS-TeX 2.1. TeX Macros for Mathematics.
LaTeX 2.092004/03/260.37/0.7 install About LaTeX 2.09. It is OLD and unsupported version.
TeXsis2003/12/270.41/1.7 install About TeXsis 2.18. TeX Macros for Physicists.

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Of course, every macro package may be fetched from CTAN and installed manually. However, installing macro packages by using these modules has following advantages:
  • Documentation is compiled with outlines and keywords for BaKoMa MetaHelp.
  • Included `Local Notes' describes using a macroses under BaKoMa TeX.
  • Fonts used by a packages has been converted to scalable font formats
    (Type 1 and/or Vectorial Type 3) suitable for making PDF files and high quality printing.
  • It configures formats in the BaKoMa TeX environment.
  • It is much more quickly then manual installation.


Every package available in this directory is distributed under its original license. There is no additional restrictions. For more information about these matters, see sources for every package.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Macros Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.