True WYSIWYG LaTeX System

BaKoMa TeX and other Programs

This directory contains core distribution of BaKoMa TeX 8.50 (30-May-2009),
which is distributed as Try&Buy software (please read licensing agreement for details).
Differences with previous versions are summarized in the Changes7.html file.

The distribution of BaKoMa TeX is split into several installation modules.
To install the system you must install the BaKoMa TeX Kernel (BKMTEX) and then any set of other installation modules.

ModuleDateSize P/IDescription

BKMTEX2009/05/3010.9/36 install About BaKoMa TeX Kernel 8.50, must be installed first.
TeXWord2009/05/300.8/2.6 install About BaKoMa TeX Word 2.50 - True WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor.
ETEX2007/06/150.3/1 install About e-TeX 2.2 with support files.
OMEGA2005/05/072.0/5 install About Omega 1.23 with fonts and support files.
METAFONT2007/12/250.6/1.5 install About MetaFont and other Font Tools.

For more information about any module, click on the corresponding About icon.
To install any module, click on the install icon.
Yellow background marks modules already included into QuickSetup

See also directories:
Macro Packages to install different macro packages: LaTeX, AmsTeX, etc.
Font Packages to install different fonts under BaKoMa TeX.
Language Support to install language support package under BaKoMa TeX.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Programs Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.