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BaKoMa TeX Kernel installation module


Module Contents

This module includes KERNEL of BaKoMa TeX 8.50 (issued 30-May-2009) that includes:
  • BaKoMa TeX Shell (Text editor, DVI Viewer, BIB files editor, Help system);
  • Standard TeX Fonts (CM, AMS) in ATM Compatible Type 1 font format with virtual fonts in T1 encoding;
  • Metrics for Standard Windows Fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Symbol) for OT1, T1, and T2A encodings;
  • Metrics for Standard PostScript fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol) that are emulated by using Standard Windows Fonts;
  • TeX processor with friends (BibTeX, MakeIndex, MetaPost, DVIPS, DVICopy, etc.).
  • TeX4HT: (La)TeX to HTML convertor (V 5.0).

System Requirements

The system can be installed under MS Windows VISTA/XP/2000/NT/98/95.
Complete installation of Kernel requires 30 MB available hard disk space.


To install BaKoMa TeX KERNEL just run BKMTEX.EXE program.

In first installation dialog you can choose following parameters:

  • User Name
    Please Enter your Name.
  • Organization
    Please Enter name of organization in which you install the system.
  • TeX Directory Structure
    • Standard TDS
      Standadrd Directory Structure.
    • ATM Friendly TDS
      This structure keeps all Type 1 fonts in the single PSFONTS subdirectory instead of TEXMF tree. This option simplifies managing Type 1 fonts by using ATM Control Panel.
    • Truncated TDS
      This structure has reduced nesting of directories with font files and TeX input files.
    Commonly, Standard TDS is recommended. However, structures with reduced directory nesting can be useful to integrate (with BaKoMa TeX) programs that don't support search of file in subdirectories.
  • TeX Root Directory
    Please enter directory in which you want to install the system.
  • Preserve File Time (By default is switched ON)
    Installer will set file time according to time stored into archives.
  • Truncate Long File Names (By default is switched OFF)
    Installer will truncate long file names and create aliases to support access to these files by full and truncated names.

After choosing desired options press  button.

Second installation dialog lets you choose desired components. After choosing desired components press  button.

When kernel installation is completed you can install (in arbitrary order) any set of extension modules from directories:
Programs to install another programs for BaKoMa TeX
Macro Packages to install different macro packages: LaTeX, AmsTeX, etc.
Font Packages to install different fonts under BaKoMa TeX.
Language Support to install language support package under BaKoMa TeX.

Configuring the system to use a fonts

BaKoMa TeX can display PostScript Type 1 fonts in two ways:
(1) using Adobe Type Manager (FREE ATM Light 4.1 is at )
(2) and/or automatical convertion to TrueType fonts (this feature is built-in into BaKoMa TeX).

It is not mandatory to use all fonts in the same way. You can have installed under ATM only frequently used fonts. Another fonts (not available via ATM) will be rendered via convertion to TrueType font format. Any time, You can install (or deinstall) under ATM any set of fonts. It is recommended, to exit before such operations BaKoMa Text editor and every copy of DVI Viewer.

To improve appearing of a fonts on a screen use anti-aliasing feature, that is available under MS Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP. To switch on anti-aliasing check on `Control Panel|Display|Effects|Smooth edges of screen fonts' option.

Under Windows XP: (1) Open `Display Properties' dialog, (2) choose `Appearance' tab, (3) press `Effects' button, and (4) check on option `Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts'. Windows XP supports two types of antialiasing: Standard and ClearType. Try both methods to choose the best letter appearance on your display.

About 35 Standard PostScript fonts:

BaKoMa TeX don't include Standard PostScript fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol, etc.) that are in every PostScript printer. They are simulated by using Windows Standard Fonts (TrueType fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, SymbolMT) or by URW Fonts, which may be installed by using FONTS/PSFONTS.BKZ module.

The rules for font substitution are defined in [PSAliases] section of PSFONTS.INI file in TEXMF subdirectory. You can change these rules. However, please edit PSFONTS.INI file in LOCAL directory.

In other side you can install under BaKoMa TeX native 35 fonts. To do it, you must just put they into LOCAL\FONTS\TYPE1\35FONTS and rebuild ls-R file by using (Re)Build ls-r command from dialog opened by `Options|Directories ...' editor command. You needn't make some configuration records for these fonts, because they are preconfigured.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Programs > BKMTeX Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.